105.0 SupportStep Principles

The following represent a set of guiding principles of the SupportStep™ Application Support Framework and are reflected in all the subsequent content.


A support methodology must be flexible and scalable, based on the size and complexity of the underlying applications. It does not make sense to put a large support framework in place for small companies with a couple basic applications. Likewise, the informal and loose nature of managing and running a small support organization will not be effective or efficient for large organizations with many people and many applications.


One of the key tenets of SupportStep is that support of existing business applications is always the first priority of your organization. Your organization may be counting on projects and enhancements to deliver future value; however, normally you cannot take your eye off the support for your current production applications. Of course, not all business applications have the highest priority. Some applications that are of secondary importance to the business might be down while other priorities are worked on. However, generally the support function is the most highly sensitive and is the area that needs the most ongoing and continuous focus.


Many of the concepts of SupportStep can be used for managing certain aspects of any support organization. However, there are also some components of SupportStep that are directly targeted at IT business application support.


There are many aspects of the support function that are reactive in nature. However, that statement should not imply that the environment is out of your control. Much of the content in SupportStep is designed to organize the support function to operate as efficiently and effectively as possible. If an organization is prepared, organized, and looking for ways to improve, they will be much more able to manage support proactively.


Just as in a project, a successful support organization requires a partnership between the support team and the client. The support level will be much less effective without active participation from the client.

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